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Our style is influenced by antique pieces due to our founders having originally been in the business of antique trading. Classic furniture, its beauty and elegance are the foundation of Jans2en.

Although we initially produced replicas, today Jans2en uses antique pieces as a source of inspiration. Often, a designer will base an entire collection on one beautiful, piece of antique furniture.

This results into a range of styles that satisfies both the classical and transitional taste.

Using mixed media techniques, Jans2en works with only the finest materials to create furniture that is beautiful, trustworthy, and long lasting.

We have our own international design team and also often collaborate with freelance designers.

Requests to produce your own designs under private label are welcome.

If you are a furniture or accessory designer who is interested in working with us on a freelance basis, please feel free to contact us at info@jansenfurniture.com.hk