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Jans2en has dealers in many countries across the world. If you need to find a dealer near you, please click here.

Our goal is to create long term relationships with our dealers and our network has been steadily expanding. The majority of our dealers has been representing us for many years.

The knowledge and expertise of our excellent staff help to meet the demands of every customer.

* Low minimum order

* MOQ = 1 piece for most items

* Clear and practical catalogue

* Easy and user friendly web site and online ordering

* Create your own unique pieces with many finishes, fabric, and leather options available

* Wide collection of furniture and accessories from one factory

* Exclusive sales territory

* Sales support with catalogues, product info, leaflets, training, etc.

* Excellent customer service

* Jans2en offers real value

* Attractive margins

* Reliable partner

* Monthly new product introductions

Our dealers work with us in several capacities:

* Mono Brand Jans2en Showroom

* Authorized Jans2en dealer with the shop-in-shop concept

* Jans2en product blended in with other brands in multi brand showrooms

If you are a potential dealer, an interior designer, a retail chain, or a distributor interested in learning more about working with Jans2en, please email us at info@jansenfurniture.com.hk